Travel & Safety Tips for our Guests

We want to make sure that your time in Zimbabwe is as safe and as enjoyable as it can possibly be. We have therefore provided some travel recommendations to help you with your advanced journey management planning as well as information that will be useful during your visit to Zimbabwe.


The CIA Factbook is a good resource to learn all that you need to know about Zimbabwe, and there are some short bites below.




First and foremost, please check any Visa requirements that you may need to visit Zimbabwe. If you're travelling from the UK, you will obtain a 30 Day Visa stamp upon your arrival in Zimbabwe in exchange for $55.00 USD fee (correct as at December 2017).




The official local currency is the Zimbabwean Bond Note. The US Dollar($) however is commonly used, accepted and is the preferred currency of the locals. As a general rule, if you are paying by cash, it is better to keep hold of your US Dollars ($) and instead use the Zimbabwean Bond Note to pay for goods and services. However swiping with your Credit/Debit Cards is also common and you can benefit by choosing the best exchange rate for the currency that you wish to pay in.


Laws & Customs


If you've only paid attention to the news coming out of the BBC and other news outlets about Zimbabwe over the last few years then you are likely to have missed out for all those years on this beautiful country and its amazing friendly people.


Since November 2017 especially, a true sense of optimism and hope for the future has come to the lives of everyday Zimbabwean people and more freedom has been granted to express this hope and optimism.


Nevertheless, like any other sovereign nation, Zimbabwe is a country with Laws that should be obeyed and respected at all times. Equally, Zimbabwe is a country of many traditions and customs. Of course nobody would expect a visitor from another country to perfectly observe all of these customs - but showing basic respect as appropriate, especially to Law and Military authorities, is important and necessary and will actually help you to better enjoy your stay in Zimbabwe.




2016 estimates put 1.3 million Zimbabwean citizens (13% pop.) as living with HIV/AIDS, with 30,000 deaths occurring from the disease. The impacts of HIV/AIDS is well known and is common throughout Africa and other parts of the world. Do not take any risks that will endager you nor anybody else in this regard.

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