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Zimbabwe is a former British colony and member of the Commonwealth of Nations; as such you can expect to find that many things are similar to what you would find at home in the U.K, so for instance; Zimbabweans drive on the same side of the road as we do when in the UK, Zimbabweans use the same Plug/Power adaptors as Brits, and, in case of emergency, Zimbabwe uses the same Emergency telephone numbers as British Emergency Services.


  • Emergency Services (Medical/Police/Fire) - 999


Other useful contacts & numbers:


British Embassy Harare

3 Norfolk Road

Mount Pleasant




Email and

Switchboard Telephone +263 4 338800

Emergency - Outside Office Hours Telephone +263 4 338800

Consular assistance (24 hour) +263 4 338800 or +44 1908 516666


United States Embassy Harare

US Embassy,

172 Herbert Chitepo Ave,



Tel: 263-4-250593/4
45 Baines Avenue
Tel: +263-4-252181-5
Fax: +263-4-252186

3, Princess Drive, Newlands
P.O.Box 1378 Harare, ZIMBABWE
Phone : + [263] (0) 867 700 7154

Email :



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