Our Engagement

We know that many of you, especially the Ladies, like to get down to the 'nitty-gritty' of all the glitz and glamour of the wedding - so we can start right here by telling you details of the engagement and the ring!


Many of you know that we have dated since 2016 and so, having thought and prayed about the possibility of marriage, we then committed ourselves to pursuing to the traditional 'lobola' process and we both agreed that it is 'time to do permanent things with permanent people'.


6 months prior, Brad sought a very special engagement ring for Tsitsi so he contacted Patrick Mavros, a renowned African jeweller and family friend. The two met at Patrick's Mpata Farm, Patrick's home in Zimbabwe which also hosts his Gallery and Workshop, and they sat down and agreed upon a design based upon the 'Ndoro'.


The Ndoro is a flat, spiral shape that is the result of grinding down a sea shell, the marine mollusc of the genus Conus Virgo which washes up on the East Coast of Africa. It is a symbol of status and of wealth and is given by Shona Chiefs to their wives and daughters.


Patrick came back with a beautiful ring design which he has named 'The Ndoro Trilogy Ring' with White Diamond, Sterling Silver & 18ct Yellow Gold.


Two days after Tsitsi's Birthday on 16th March 2018, Brad took Tsitsi back to the restaurant/bar where they had their first date. And there the proposal was made (on one knee), and she said 'Yes!'.


You can see the original engagement ring design by clicking on the link on the right-hand side.

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