A Time For Music & Singing

We both love music and singing (and Tsitsi loves to dance!). We appreciate almost every genre of music from 60's Motown and The Beatles, to Classical, Pop, Worship, Country, Reggae, 90's R&B and Afro Beats!!! So for our upcoming nuptuals we are going to indulge ourselves (and you!) in a musical matrimonal extravaganza!


Come prepared to sing and to dance as you join with us to celebrate our special day.


The menu on the lef of this page will contain most of the music that you will hear at some point being sung or being played on the day of the wedding.


If you do not know these songs - well we're giving you plenty of time to learn so that you too can join in the singing and dancing on the day.


The Wedding Soundtrack Of The Week is...

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